Heads up everyone, it had to come sometime, I'm finally discussing the potential impact of Brexit on the UK Archaeology scene. Joining me on this poli...View Details

Hello- I'm joined again by Laura to answer some of the questions posed to @Askanarch   Lots of interesting stuff including embarrassingly small dinosa...View Details

Any interview with Jill of all trades Amy Atkins- If you are looking at starting a career in commercial archaeology this one has a few interesting tip...View Details

Hello all- back once again like a renegade master. This interview is with Iszi Lawrence, the co-presenter of Radio 4's Making History.Hope you enjoy i...View Details

Hello again, another interview, this time with Sara Head of @ArchyFantasies  ArchyFantasies.com Music as always by From the Ashes   I raised a family/...View Details

Another Q and A session where I properly go off on one about toilets and Dr Jones again :)   Music by From the Ashes   It's wrong to wish on space har...View Details

Hello everyone and Happy 2019! I'm talking to conservator Lucie Altenburg this episode, so it's all about stick this together, learning from objects a...View Details

Hello everyone   This one's a beaut- Dr Brenna Hassett and I cover everything from starting out in America, to the use of lasers and on to the work of...View Details

Dr Sadie Watson   Project Officer extraordinaire- we cover everything from Urban archaeology to inspiring the next generation   @AskanArch for any que...View Details

I'm joined by Liz Knox as we tackle the future of Archaeology, opportunities for younger people and the UK possibly pulling out of UNESCO- so you know...View Details

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